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Community Management is Louisiana’s first choice in homeowners, condominium, and townhome association management firms. Our comprehensive management services offer everything your association needs to ensure the value and continuity of your community and the investment of its residents.

Established to improve the way home owners’ associations work Community Management is dedicated to fostering vibrant and competent community associations. From governance to grounds maintenance, Community Management supports the needs and goals of its community owners. Community Management offers the latest in technology, as well as experience and knowledge.

What our clients say..

I can honestly say we would have NEVER received this type of help with our previous management company...Read More

I wanted to let you both know that last night’s meeting was the most organized, professional, and well presented meeting we have ever had...Read More

Well your system is working!! Read More

One of the greatest things we have ever done in my opinion, as an Association, is to hire Community Management, LLC. They have handled everything from day one in a very timely and professional manner...Read More

Making a change in Management Companies was a big risk, affected 80 or more people, I wasn’t sure what I was getting in to, but you guys were great...Read More

Signing on with Community Management has been the best thing we have done as an HOA...Read More

The biggest “perk” to having a management company is that my home phone no longer rings off the hook with upset or chatty residents...Read More

I think the Board and Community Management have done a fabulous job of managing our “complex”...Read More

I love this Management company. They have done more in the last year than what was done in the 11 years before...Read More

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