What our clients say...

"We were very nervous about Community Management taking over managing our HOA in River Ranch, but we are so glad that they did! Natalie is such a wonderful addition to our community. She always has a smile on her face and drops everything just to make small talk when we walk in to check our mail. Everything from the candy she leaves out for residents to seeing her ankle deep in water just to pick up a piece of trash. Keep up the GREAT work!"

- Jessica 

"Signing on with Community Management has been the best thing we have done as an HOA. All you have to do is take a ride through our neighborhood to see the results. The professional, timely, and thorough job CMGT does allows me as a volunteer to spend a lot less time worrying about day to day operations of the HOA. I HIGHLY recommend you give them a try, you won't be disappointed."

- Jaime

"Having been involved in Homeowner Associations for many years I must say there is no better feeling knowing Community Management is your managing partner. The minimal fee that is paid for the service that you receive is well worth it. In most Associations there ends up being a few people doing most of the work. The problem is as a homeowner you have to live in your neighborhood just like everyone else but you are expected to enforce by-laws, collect dues, handle complaints, etc. It is much better atmosphere for everyone having someone handle all of these things for you and it is more productive as well. The decision was not easy to hire Community Management but in my opinion it has been the best decision we ever made."

- Dany,

I can honestly say we would have NEVER received this type of help with our previous management company. You really make sure things are done right. I appreciate all the time you’ve taken with our ‘projects’ and especially this one. Have a great day."

- Shelly

"Ken and Tylor,
I wanted to let you both know that last night’s meeting was the most organized, professional, and well-presented meeting we have ever had. All the time you must have spent preparing for our meeting is very much appreciated. I did not imagine you all would be as involved with us as you are. Thank you guys for all your hard work and helping me along the way! I know we are not your only association but you treat us like we are. You are doing a great job!!"

- Shelly

" Well your system is working!! [XXXX Happy Street] Finally cleaned up their yard. It looks so good. I thought I would pass that on.
Thanks again, for all of your help. Also, [new yard vendor] is doing such a great job; he has done the front entrance mowing and has been working on the landscaping over the weekend. I am extremely pleased with how it all is coming together."

- Again, thanks!

"To Whom It May Concern,
Being involved with an Association can be both challenging and rewarding. It is great to know you help keep the place where you live safe, clean, attractive and friendly while preserving the value of each property, usually our largest investment. On the other hand the everyday challenges of running an Association usually fall into the hands of a small minority of property owners.

I have been involved with an Association for many years in several different places where I have lived. The problems and challenges are usually not any different from place to place. The time that it takes from a management standpoint has always been my biggest frustration. We are all busy. Having someone manage the Association is a tremendous asset.

One of the greatest things we have ever done in my opinion, as an Association, is to hire Community Management, LLC. They have handled everything from day one in a very timely and professional manner. They take on all of the time consuming tasks like billing, collecting, preparing and sending newsletters/notices, handling complaints, taking care of legal matters, getting bids, paying all the bills, etc., while allowing the Association and its Managers to still make all the decisions. It is as great partnership.

If you are considering spending some extra money to hire Community Management all I can say is you will find your resources will be extremely well spent. They did not find us; we found them and we are really happy we did."

- Sincerely,

"I just wanted to let you guys know how awesome it was to work with you. I was very worried and skeptical at the beginning. (Ken you may remember) Making a change in Management Companies was a big risk, affected 80 or more people, I wasn’t sure what I was getting in to, but you guys were great. I just knew for sure Ken was handing me a bunch of lines when he was talking about CMGT. (Ken's a salesman and you NEVER trust a salesman!) I am happy to say you both exceeded our expectations! Signing up with Community Management was the best decision MRHOA Board has made in years!

We didn't know what a management company was until we started working with you.

The fact that you continually try to "earn" our business even after we signed a 3 year contract is incredible. (Again I really didn't believe Ken when he said yall would..) Very few businesses operate that way and it is encouraging knowing you guys are really on our side and trying to help us become the best association we can be.

You patiently answered all our questions and provided in sight when we struggled with a decision. Thank you for working with us, teaching us, coaching us, guiding us, and supporting us. We have seen some great changes as a result of your guidance and have a better understanding overall of what a Board is suppose to be. I have no doubt that things will continue to grow and move forward in the right direction.

I will enjoy my break from the Board and will plan to join the group again in the future…. So don’t mess things up before I get back.

Thanks again guys for your hard work. You definitely made a difference with MRHOA!"

- Shelly

"To Whom It May Concern:
Two years ago we hired Community Management to handle the day to day business of running the HOA for our small development. I can honestly say that they have saved me many man hours and lightened my work load.

The biggest “perk” to having a management company is that my home phone no longer rings off the hook with upset or chatty residents. Now we have a place for them to call or email when they have questions, concerns or complaints. Dinner is now uninterrupted! "

- With kindest regards,

"Despite not being active in the meetings, I think the Board and Community Management have done a fabulous job of managing our “complex”."

- Jolyn

"Our next door Neighbor, Ginger, was talking to Frank this morning. She has been living here for 12 years. She said that "I love this Management company. They have done more in the last year than what was done in the 11 years before. "I thought you would like to hear this wonderful feedback too! "

- Sincerely,


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