Financial and Administrative Services

  • Performing all accounts payable and receivable duties for the association in accordance with policies of the Board, including collecting of association dues. Also provide monthly financial statements to the Board of Directors and to the membership as a whole as well as assisting in the annual review or audit and assisting with the preparation of annual IRS filings.

  • Supervising insurance claims and monitoring the informational needs of the insurance policy.

  • Organizing and participating in meetings of the Association including Board of Directors meetings and various meetings of the membership.

  • Maintaining the Association's records including the original corporate documents, minutes of all meetings of the association, rules and regulations adopted by the Association, resolutions of the Board of Directors and any amendments to any association documents.

  • Serving as community liaison between the board and the members, the board and its professionals, and the board and its contractors. Includes maintaining an open line of communication for all members and working to resolve all member complaints/questions.

  • Providing administrative services including preparation and delivery of new resident packets, welcome letters, and notice of meetings of the Association. Development and delivery of quarterly newsletters and annual surveys in order to keep homeowners better informed on the quality of the association.

  • Assisting in the preparation of an annual budget for both the Operating and Reserve funds and guiding the association through short-term and long-term planning.

  • Providing website services including creating, updating, and maintaining a website solely for the use of the association. Provides the ability for members to pay dues/assessment online. Cuts down on mailing expenses by encouraging members to receive correspondence via email. Create online calendars, message boards, and resource centers to help members stay involved.


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